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" For our first baby we knew that we did not want to have it in a conventional hospital setting so we did search around for a midwife. It did take a while for us to find the perfect Midwife that we wanted to bring our bundle of joy into this world but when we first met Heather I knew instantly that I wanted to make her my midwife it was the vibe, it was the attention, it was how she made me feel like I've known her longer than I did. Comes to turn out that I found out that I worked with her daughter which was an amazing feeling because it made my decision even more meaningful considering I had met her in the past. I  loved every moment of being under Heathers care and going forward with the pregnancy at home I would do it again and again every single time as long as God let me. And I would definitely be contacting Heather to be there for the  future children that I plan to have."    - Desiree & JaJuam 

 "Heather is a loving and compassionate woman with a     wonderful gift! She was supportive and informative during our    pregnancy journey and was present throughout the 3 days of      labor it took to birth our beautiful baby girl! Without Heather   we would've been just another statistic in some hospital's   record book. Heather's genuine love and care for us during   the entire perinatal period. We love her!!"    - Sara & Brian  

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"I was honored to have Heather attend Soleil’s birth six years ago. She was  the first person we called when I went into labor, the first  person to arrive,  and the last person to leave. She was so calm and  reassuring, and her  presence helped to create a warm, loving, and  welcoming  environment for  our new baby. She knew exactly what  to do—she  immediately sent my  husband, Jim, and older  daughter, Helena, to bed  so they could rest up  and be prepared  for what was to come later! Then she set up the pool,  while  honoring and respecting all my wishes and  requests. She gave me  privacy when I needed it, spent the night at our house, made sure  baby  and I were okay before she left, then returned  later in the  morning to  check on us again. Reflecting on Soleil’s birth now as I  write this, I am  filled  with the utmost gratitude to Heather for her role in creating an  empowering, peaceful, safe and satisfying birth experience. Thank you, Heather!"             - Maria     

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"Thank you for the soft blanket and healing balm for Emersyn and myself.  Thank you  also for the unbelievably AMAZING birth experience which is like the gift that keeps  on giving :)  On top of the wonderful 1 to 1 care in home visits, the birthing class (I  know now was exactly what I needed) which I feel was a huge contributing factor to  having such a smooth and short labor.  Also you connected me with such a wonderful  and perfect team in Jahmanna and Nicole.  And lastly that 2 weeks mandatory  recovery was just the icing on the cake.  You truly are doing such a great service to  humanity & I'll never be able to fully express how unbelievably grateful I am to be one  of the lucky one to have an experience of such bliss compared to the horrific &  traumatic experiences I keep hearing about taking place in hospitals over & over &  over again.  You have been an absolutely incredible blessing in our lives. I will never, ever be able to thank you enough :) "  - Love the Jacksons- Sarah, Brent, Ethan and Emersyn  

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