Twenty two years ago, my journey began:  Shortly after finishing a tour with the U.S. Peace Corps in Honduras, Central America, I birthed my daughter in my in-law's home.  It was the most amazing experience and it fueled my passion to become a midwife. My second daughter was born eight years later in my home, in Detroit.  I am the mother of  4 and grandmother of 4 , two of which were born into my hands, also  at home. 


Over the past 22 years, I have assisted nearly 300 babies into this world doing birth work. I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) after graduating Birthwise Midwifery School (located in Bridgton, Maine) in 2015.  Since becoming a CPM, I have caught babies here at home, the in the state of Wisconsin and in Honduras, Central America.  I co-founded the Mosaic Midwifery Collective  in the Detroit area and was recently appointed by Governor Snyder to the first ever,  State of Michigan Board of Licensed Midwifery, to serve until 2020.  Midwifery keeps me busy and happy but I still devote time to my second profession, licensed paramedic (since 2002).  As a paramedic, I worked in the emergency department of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital for 11 years and formally with the Detroit Fire Department, EMS Division. 


I have and do work collaboratively with many local midwives including - Linda Honey DEM, Eileen Denomme CPM, Nicole White CPM Kate Mazzara CPM, Anna Fernandez CPM, Jaime Edisaith CPM, Amanda Howell CPM, Tasha Scott CNM,  Stacia Proefrock CPM, Heather  Lamanski CPM, Cynthia Jackson and Jahmanna Selassie, the other co-founders of the Mosaic Midwifery Collective.

- Heather Robinson


Pre-Conception Counseling

One on one consultation about creating the optimal environment for conception of a child.  Physical and diet assessment, stress reduction techniques, blood work and recommendations for vitamin, mineral, homeopathic and/or herbal supplementation.

Intrapartum Care

24/7 availability for communication as your expected due date nears.  Assistance during active labor in coping with the contractions along with close monitoring of mom and baby.  Support, encouragement and assistance, in the delivery of your child.  Immediate postpartum care for mom and newborn, help with breastfeeding and a newborn exam of your baby in which weight and measurements are recorded.

Childbirth Education Classes

Preparation for labor, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum in small group gatherings of 2-3 couples.  There are a total of 3 classes which are 2-2.5 hours in length. Women and couples leave feeling very well prepared for birth.

Postpartum Care

4-5 home visits after the birth of your baby(s) to assess healing, growth, health, &breastfeeding for mom and baby.  Three different newborn screening tests can be done (Critical Congenital Heart Disease Screening , Newborn Metabolic Screen and Hearing Screen) and a PAP screen can be done at the final six week visit for mom.

Antepartum Care

In home, monthly, bi-monthly and weekly visits during pregnancy.  Each visit is 45 min - an hour to assess and discuss the well-being of mother and baby during the months of gestation.

Well Woman Care

An individualized visit for any or all of the following: clinical breast exam, physical exam, pelvic exam with PAP,  IUD removal, nutritional counseling, fertility awareness, meditation guidance.


 (in both English and Spanish)



"For our first baby we knew that we did not want to have it in a conventional hospital setting so we did search around for a midwife. it did take a while for us to find the perfect Midwife that we wanted to bring our bundle of joy into this world but when we first met Heather I knew instantly that I wanted to make her my midwife it was the vibe, it was the attention, it was how she made me feel like I've known her longer than I did. Comes to turn out that I found out that I worked with her daughter which was an amazing feeling because it made my decision even more meaningful considering I had met her in the past. I loved every moment of being under Heathers care and going forward with the pregnancy at home I would do it again and again every single time as long as God let me. And I would definitely be contacting Heather to be there for the future children that I plan to have."

- Desiree & JaJuam

"Thank you for the soft blanket and healing balm for Emersyn and myself.  Thank you also for the unbelievably AMAZING birth experience which is like the gift that keeps on giving :)  On top of the wonderful 1 to 1 care in home visits, the birthing class (I know now was exactly what I needed) which I feel was a huge contributing factor to having such a smooth and short labor.  Also you connected me with such a wonderful and perfect team in Jahmanna and Nicole.  And lastly that 2 weeks mandatory recovery was just the icing on the cake.  You truly are doing such a great service to humanity & I'll never be able to fully express how unbelievably grateful I am to be one of the lucky one to have an experience of such bliss compared to the horrific & traumatic experiences I keep hearing about taking place in hospitals over & over & over again.  You have been an absolutely incredible blessing in our lives.  I will never, ever be able to thank you enough :)"


- Love the Jacksons - Sarah, Brent, Ethan and Emersyn

"Heather is a loving and compassionate woman with a wonderful gift! She was supportive and informative during our pregnancy journey and was present throughout the 3 days of labor it took to birth our beautiful baby girl! Without Heather we would've been just another statistic in some hospital's record book.


Heather's genuine love and care for us during the entire perinatal period. We love her!!"

- Sara & Brian

"I was honored to have Heather attend Soleil’s birth six years ago. She was the first person we called when I went into labor, the first person to arrive, and the last person to leave. She was so calm and reassuring, and her presence helped to create a warm, loving, and welcoming environment for our new baby. She knew exactly what to do—she immediately sent my husband, Jim, and older daughter, Helena, to bed so they could rest up and be prepared for what was to come later! Then she set up the pool, while honoring and respecting all my wishes and requests. She gave me privacy when I needed it, spent the night at our house, made sure baby and I were okay before she left, then returned later in the morning to check on us again.


Reflecting on Soleil’s birth now as I write this, I am filled with the utmost gratitude to Heather for her role in creating an empowering, peaceful, safe and satisfying birth experience. Thank you, Heather!"

- Maria



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