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I believe in the wisdom and wonderment of the human body and I am empowered by women’s strength. I believe babies too, are resilient and intuitive beings.  I believe in the art of midwifery which has been in existence for centuries caring for women during their childbearing years.  I also believe in the awesomeness of science and its appropriate use when necessary.  I believe when it comes to caring for women and mothers there is a wide scope of normal.  I believe in exercising the patience to allow becoming a mother to unfold. I believe in providing individualized care to cultivate strong, healthy relationships and healthy pregnancies.  I embrace the importance of having excellent hands-on skills, critical thinking, theoretical knowledge, and the virtues of patience and discernment.  I believe the combinations of science, good nutrition, alternative healthcare modalities, exercise, and a willingness to grow and learn, provide a strong foundation for the wonderful beginnings of your baby’s life and yours as a mother.   

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